Community Oceanography:

Science, as a tool, can be used to benefit all people but sometimes doesn’t. For 'underrepresented' communities in academia, reality is distant from ideals of inclusion and equity. As needed, the our lab works to build infrastructure into the field of oceanography to improve access to science training for all sectors of the community with special attention to those communities that are underserved. 


  • Tléixʼ Yaakw Gathering

  • Hurricane Maria

  • ECOSYSTem Balance (Zero-waste) commitmenT



Our lab is a proud member of the SACNAS organization. The lab offers workshops to facilitate student participation at the annual SACNAS National Conference, the leading national diversity conference in STEM for the United States. Undergraduates from UAS will present their research at SACNAS for the 2019 national conference in Honolulu, HI. Click here to register and to learn more about SACNAS.


Website excerpt: "SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM."


Tléixʼ Yaakw Gathering -   2-6 june 2018

Website excerpt.

Tleix Yaakw.png

"Tléixʼ Yaakw (One Canoe) is a gathering that will convene at the University of Alaska Southeast, June 2nd-6th, 2018. The gathering will celebrate the voyages of the ocean traversing canoes, Hawai'iloa and Hōkūle'a; while acknowledging the role of Indigenous ancestral knowledge in the 21st Century. The Sitka spruce logs used to breathe life into Hawai'iloa built on the historical connection between the Indigenous people of Southeast Alaska and Native Hawaiians; and by using celestial navigation, it ventured to reawaken traditional knowledge and skills. Integration of culture and traditional knowledge into every day education will enhance every students’ connection to their learning environment, open their eyes to what has been passed down from generation to generation, and pull from the past to move toward the future."

The Navarro Lab coordinated the Ocean Ecosystem Excursion on 4 and 5 June 2018. 



Hurricane Maria devastated parts of Puerto Rico that still are in the midst of recovery. The Navarro Lab supports student scientists that work to raise awareness about this challenge:


(1) KTOO - Click here to listen to student scientists discuss the issue:

(2) University of Alaska Southeast, Whalesong Newspaper - Click here to read an article about their work.


Ecosystem Balance (Zero-waste) commitmenT

Our lab is committed to improving lab practices to work towards becoming a zero-waste. Each year a new goal will be set taking a "ratchet up" approach. The goal for 2019 will be announced shortly.